Why e-Health?

Given the current outbreak of Covid-19, healthcare providers in the Middle East along with the rest of the world are currently putting relentless efforts to provide an innovative offering that eases the burden on traditional hospital resources and make healthcare accessible for all. As a result, the case for virtual hospitals has become stronger than ever.

With Covid-19 requiring isolation, this disease has boosted the uptake of virtual and tele health where patient demand for remote consultations and online health services not only for this disease but for all other specialty conditions and services.

While UAE is one of the countries in the world that already have regulated the telehealth services in the Emirate of Dubai and has put in place “A Doctor to Every Citizen” initiative as part of its strategic ‘Fifty-year Charter’ vision, the current situation has surged the need to accelerate the execution.

This has resulted to CIOs and technology experts in the sector to urgently start upgrading and adopting more advanced digital health solutions and platforms.

Who will attend e-Healthcare DigiConnect?

12 to 30 senior management members with the below job titles from the top 60 healthcare providers, hospitals, government authorities, speciality hospitals and clinics in Middle East.

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